Last night at my house, cousins happened:

They are ten years apart in age and they have adored each other from the very beginning. They collaborated to cook our dinner. I can’t adequately describe warm fuzzies cuddling my heart as this unfolded in front of me.

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I’m stuck in a non-weight-bearing cast on one foot. I rely on a scooter for mobility and have for about the last four months.  Cooking really isn’t very workable for me so hot meals are a rarity these days.

Enter my friend Josie. She sent us a free week of Hello Fresh, and Jack and Laurie rose to the challenge. Last night’s meal was Pesto Chicken, and it was excellent!

These Orsi cousins are going to be great cooks. They come by it naturally. Their shared set of grandparents loved to cook and did it well. Papa Orsi (Papa Bear – get it?) spent all weekend every weekend thinking about what to cook next. Great-grandfather Orsi loved making his Orsi Special soup every weekend. He required the whole family to stir the pot. (If you ever wonder why Orsis are pot-stirrers, blame Big John. He taught us well.)

But even better was watching the interplay. The laughter, the goofing, the relaxed enjoyment of trying something new together.

Cousins. Ten years apart in age, but close in affection.

I love these guys!