Aramink With Words contains ruminations on life, the universe, and everything. Among its blog posts, you’ll find book reviews, tall tales, current events, political rants, vignettes of experience, philosophy, links, history, humor, and yes, even more.

Hopefully the eclectic nature of the blog will give you something to think about, make you laugh, and create a sense of a common bond.

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All you need to know:

Writer. Voracious reader. Lawyer. Jack’s mom. Irreverent. Coffee drinker. Cat owner. Grudging dog owner. Chief cook and bottle washer. Overeducated. Irish-Italian. Irreligious. History buff. Paleontology freak. Science fiction fan.  Political junkie. Part-time avenging angel. Tea lover. Music nut. Tale spinner. Movie addict. Opinionated. Wordy.

And then some:

I love to write. Because I am a busy professional involved in too many community and nonprofit activities, I don’t have much time for writing any longer. Every once in a while I can sneak a couple of hours to rant like my friends David and Will, charm my friends with a dinosaur story for kids, or relate fun facts to know and tell.

Mostly I rant about politics. I say I don’t like politics, but that’s a lie. I don’t like politicians. Isn’t it utterly amazing how they can screw things up?

Anthropology. I love anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, and paleoarchaeology. I almost majored in anthropology and now I wish I had. Lawyers don’t get to study bonobos or dig for ardipithecus.

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