I pontificate about stuff. What more information does a visitor to this site need?

Here be book reviews, tall tales, current events, rants, vignettes, philosophy, history, and humor.

Hopefully, I will give you something to think about. Maybe you’ll laugh. Maybe outrage will overwhelm you. You might just shug – and that’s fine, too.

All you need to know:

Writer. Voracious reader. Semi-retired lawyer. Jack’s mom. Irreverent. Crusader for justice. Coffee drinker. Freethinker. Chief cook and bottle washer. Overeducated. Irish-Italian. Irreligious. History buff. Paleontology freak. Science fiction fan.  Political junkie. Part-time avenging angel. Tea lover. Music nut. Tale spinner. Civil rights activist. Movie addict. Opinionated. Wordy.


And then some:

I love to write. Because I am a busy professional involved in too many community and nonprofit activities, I don’t have much time for writing. Every once in a while I can sneak a couple of hours to review a book, fabricate a dinosaur story for kids, or relate fun facts to know and tell.

Mostly I rant about politics. I say I don’t like politics, but that’s a lie. I don’t like politicians. Isn’t it utterly amazing how they can screw things up?

Anthropology. I love primatology, paleontology, archaeology, and paleoanthropology. I almost majored in anthropology and now I wish I had. Lawyers don’t get to study primate behavior, unearth forgotten structures, or dig for Ardipithecus.

Bonus video (prepare to be amazed):